Why Evangelicals Shouldn’t be Afraid of “Deconstruction”

When you think of deconstruction today, many conservative evangelicals will immediately begin a negative downward thought spiral that leads them to conclude that all who are deconstructing are going to hell and need to repent. This is wholeheartedly untrue and in reality the very essence of why a form of deconstructing is so important. 


Is Disunity Killing the Gospel?

I have lived in the house of grief many times in my life. Grieved over so many earthly trials and tribulations that have made unwelcomed entry into my life. But never have I been so grieved at the state of spiritual things until the past year.   I have an (likely unhealthy) obsession with the… Continue reading Is Disunity Killing the Gospel?


Finding the Narrow Gate

What a year and a half we have all endured… What a year and a half and yet, it still continues… So many people have endured sickness, loss, depression, hatred, devastation, tragedy, hopelessness, and despair.  When I ponder on the past 18 months and stare into the ongoing devastation that is living in a broken… Continue reading Finding the Narrow Gate


A Different Easter

A Different Easter: You did not see me at the Easter brunch with my dress flowing in the wind You did not see matching outfits adorned with smiles and wide spread grins You did not see the posing for pictures at a family gathering or sprawled across your feed You did not see me amongst… Continue reading A Different Easter

Adventures in Baking

Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies

When asked if I’d prefer a brownie or chocolate chip cookie, I tend to take Joey Tribiana’s (from Friends) stance: “Put your hands together!”. Generally, most chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipes I had come across either came out too fudgey or too dry. I wanted the texture of a chocolate chip cookie with the decadence… Continue reading Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies

Adventures in Baking

Perfect Fall Oatmeal Spice Cookies

Cookies are my passion...of course we already know this, but honestly I would take a cookie over any dessert any day. In fact, I could just eat cookies and be completely content. Especially if that cookie diet consisted of these fall oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal cookies often get a bad rap. They are left out of… Continue reading Perfect Fall Oatmeal Spice Cookies


Living in the Saturday

Recently, I was doing some reading on hopelessness and faith. This time of Covid has impacted lives like nothing I've ever seen. Not just with physical health, mental health, jobs, finances, relationships, but also politically and economically. The affects of this virus have far reaching and worldwide impacts. As I watch friends lose their loved… Continue reading Living in the Saturday

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The Cookier List: From Essentials to Wish lists, The Must Haves of Cookie Decorating

I began my journey with becoming a cookier a little over a year ago. Making cookies was always something I did for the holidays, but it was never something I even thought about as a year-round adventure. Until, one day while looking up “#thankyougifts” on Instagram, I came across the rabbit whole that is the… Continue reading The Cookier List: From Essentials to Wish lists, The Must Haves of Cookie Decorating


From Praise to Protests: Finding Peace in a Pandemic

Here we are...sitting in our homes in the year of 2020, amongst a global pandemic. Who woulda thought? I have been wanting to sit down and write this for some time, but honestly just couldn't find the courage to do it. Until yesterday, when I was sitting listening to my pastor (who for some weird… Continue reading From Praise to Protests: Finding Peace in a Pandemic