About the Author

Hi, my name is Kristen and I am a goofy, Disneyland loving, Marvel crazed middle aged stay at home mama. I have two children: a daughter in college and a son in high school. I am a devoted daughter of the King and a wife to a warrior of a man!

I have hit that stage in life where I have semi-adult kids, been with my husband longer than I haven’t, and started dying my hair out of necessity instead of fun. It’s a great stage to be in actually! I get to enjoy my kids more as friends and roller coaster partners, my husband and I have more energy and time to work on “us,” and I get time to explore hobbies that act more like daily therapy. My relationships are centered around truth and reality instead of fear and people pleasing and I get to understand God in more of a mature and freeing way. It’s a good place to be!

The last 40 some odd years of my life have been filled with… well let’s just say you could write a book about it (oh wait I did hahah). But honestly, from knowing the hand and hurtful words of abuse and sexual assault, fighting my way through a 30 year battle with anorexia and bulimia (yes 30!!) to fighting constant health battles (not just with myself but my entire family), feeling the loss of losing loved ones, and struggling to wrongly achieve the evangelically defined “perfect marriage” – I have lived multiple lifetimes of struggle. So understand me when I say, “I get you,” probably more than you know.

Even though I became a Christian when I was 20, it has taken me 22 years to learn how to truly trust God. Yet, now that I have found the narrow gate and know the full freedom and joy it is to trust in the One True King, the curveballs thrown at me may hurt or cause me to sway, but they will never knock me down.

This newfound trust comes with a new view on my identity IN Christ and I have found such freedom in that. I am no longer Kristen, but I am the image bearer of my Savior! I don’t need to worry about me, only living for the King. This makes dealing with my anorexia much easier- now don’t get me wrong, a 30 year habit isn’t easy to break and there are days where the lies inside my head overcome the truth, but then I realize the shackles have been removed and I can choose to renew my mind and move forward. Taking the failures as lessons and steps along the way.

So why this site? Because of a few reasons: I want to share the light of grace, the love of God and the freedoms He brings. I want to be a source of support and encouragement to those who are fighting battles everyday (as a mama to a Crohn’s and JRA warrior, a migraine and PCOS sufferer, and then myself with endometriosis, Tachycardia/Afib, and a list too long to make – battles are daily). I want you to know you are not alone in this world! I fail- daily! I sin-daily! I am not the, nor will I ever be until my day with the Lord, a perfect Instagram shot of a woman/mom/wife/friend. But I promise you, you will find someone who will sit with you, love you, and listen to you all while showing you how to make yummy cookies (because let’s face it, cookies make everything better). May this site bring you joy in food that God intended, a hope and joy in time of trouble, unshakeable freeing truth, and a reality that you are not alone!