Hope Found

I was so immensely blessed to speak to a lovely group of women at my church yesterday. Because I am incredibly long winded, I didn't get to really dive into the topic of HOPE as I "hoped" (hahah). So, as promised, here is the transcript of the full lesson for your reading pleasure. May it… Continue reading Hope Found

Adventures in Baking

An Adventure in Sugar Cookies: Featuring a Basic Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

Ah...the sugar cookie. A beloved tradition that started as an English Biscuit and has traveled the ages to gain notoriety and varying trends. When I first started my cookie journey, I spent hours scouring websites, tutorials, recipes, blogs, etc etc to find the perfect sugar cookie recipe. I didn't think I was in for the… Continue reading An Adventure in Sugar Cookies: Featuring a Basic Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe


Crohn’s Awareness

Many of you know that my son, Justin, has Crohn's disease. I have posted about it before...his journey to finding out he has Crohn's and the doctor who has saved his life (you can find that here). Justin is 14, a self proclaimed "epic gamer" who loves everything to do with computers, history, people, and… Continue reading Crohn’s Awareness

Adventures in Baking

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies

Ok, yeah it's the holidays and I am posting about peanut butter cookies! Where's the pie crust? Where are the gingerbread recipes? We will get to those, but for today, I am thinking comfort food and these little beauties are a "slap you in the face" kinda comfort. And as much as I am all… Continue reading Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies

Adventures in Baking

Pumpkin Bread Perfection

For the past 22 years of my life, the entrance of fall has always been marked by the sweet flavors and aromas of pumpkin bread. My husband's family had this amazing tradition of making this sensational (generationally, handed down family recipe) pumpkin bread starting at the celebrations for the birthdays that resided in August, until… Continue reading Pumpkin Bread Perfection

Adventures in Baking

Cookie Cutters Are More Than Plastic

I had the absolute honor of guest posting a blog for Heather Allen over at KaleidaCuts. Heather not only is an amazing cookie cutter designer, but she is a transparent, compassionate, and encouraging person. Her cookie cutters are some of my favorite designs and it was so fun being able to decorate a few of… Continue reading Cookie Cutters Are More Than Plastic

Adventures in Baking

Southern Biscuit Muffins

  Happy First Day of Fall. While it might be 96 degrees here today in Southern California, that won't stop me from making these Southern Biscuit Muffins. What goes better with the first day of fall than a warm biscuit in the shape of a muffin alongside some homemade soup? I am NOT, and I… Continue reading Southern Biscuit Muffins


When Tragedy Strikes

  The world is filled with tragedy. We encounter mass shootings, natural disasters, accidents, and just plain evil. We see it every day. So much so, that we often check traffic to see if we are going to get to work on time, not really noticing or truly understanding the fact that that possible delay is… Continue reading When Tragedy Strikes


“Mawwiage, that Bwessed Awwangement”

"Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement. That dweam wivvin a dweam. And wuv, twue wuv, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah." - Princess Bride Marriage - Princess Bride puts it so perfectly (and hilariously!): that blessed arrangement -that dream within a dream. When we are young (especially us young ladies), we picture marriage as true love that… Continue reading “Mawwiage, that Bwessed Awwangement”

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Royal Icing Floral Tutorial

Making royal icing flowers is one of the most therapeutic things I do. I love just sitting down and piping flowers and then seeing the beauty unfold. Playing with edible glitter and embellishments just adds a little something extra! Some people golf, some people knit, some people read, I pipe! I have had a few… Continue reading Royal Icing Floral Tutorial