Finding the Narrow Gate

What a year and a half we have all endured… What a year and a half and yet, it still continues… So many people have endured sickness, loss, depression, hatred, devastation, tragedy, hopelessness, and despair.  When I ponder on the past 18 months and stare into the ongoing devastation that is living in a broken… Continue reading Finding the Narrow Gate


From Praise to Protests: Finding Peace in a Pandemic

Here we are...sitting in our homes in the year of 2020, amongst a global pandemic. Who woulda thought? I have been wanting to sit down and write this for some time, but honestly just couldn't find the courage to do it. Until yesterday, when I was sitting listening to my pastor (who for some weird… Continue reading From Praise to Protests: Finding Peace in a Pandemic


Hope Found

I was so immensely blessed to speak to a lovely group of women at my church yesterday. Because I am incredibly long winded, I didn't get to really dive into the topic of HOPE as I "hoped" (hahah). So, as promised, here is the transcript of the full lesson for your reading pleasure. May it… Continue reading Hope Found


Crohn’s Awareness

Many of you know that my son, Justin, has Crohn's disease. I have posted about it before...his journey to finding out he has Crohn's and the doctor who has saved his life (you can find that here). Justin is 14, a self proclaimed "epic gamer" who loves everything to do with computers, history, people, and… Continue reading Crohn’s Awareness

Adventures in Baking

Cookie Cutters Are More Than Plastic

I had the absolute honor of guest posting a blog for Heather Allen over at KaleidaCuts. Heather not only is an amazing cookie cutter designer, but she is a transparent, compassionate, and encouraging person. Her cookie cutters are some of my favorite designs and it was so fun being able to decorate a few of… Continue reading Cookie Cutters Are More Than Plastic


When Tragedy Strikes

  The world is filled with tragedy. We encounter mass shootings, natural disasters, accidents, and just plain evil. We see it every day. So much so, that we often check traffic to see if we are going to get to work on time, not really noticing or truly understanding the fact that that possible delay is… Continue reading When Tragedy Strikes


Is it Love or Validation??

I wrote this article a couple of years ago for an amazing online publication called christianwomenonline.net. I came across it again recently and felt it just as necessary a reminder today as back then. Praying it encourages you to truly love selflessly: We hear the word “love” thrown around a lot these days.  With the… Continue reading Is it Love or Validation??


When a Doctor Saves the Life of Your Son – You Give Him Cookies

When a Doctor Saves the Life of Your Son - You Give Him CookiesWords cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for Cedars Sinai Pediatric IBD department. The love that went into making these cookies, far outweigh the gift itself! For years my son, Justin, suffered from unexplained pain in his back, hips, legs,… Continue reading When a Doctor Saves the Life of Your Son – You Give Him Cookies