A Different Easter

A Different Easter:

You did not see me at the Easter brunch with my dress flowing in the wind

You did not see matching outfits adorned with smiles and wide spread grins

You did not see the posing for pictures at a family gathering or sprawled across your feed

You did not see me amongst all the worshipful faces hollering “He is risen indeed”

Yet, even though this Easter may have looked a little different; the things to Him that really matter definitely didn’t:

-a devotion to the One who took away my enslaved sin; and set me upon the solid rock and etched my name forgiven.

-A bowed head and bended knee in worshipful reverence to the one; who was and is and is to come, the forever risen Son!

-A heart full of gratitude and joy for the precious blood of Christ; that nothing in this world for me could ever compare or suffice.

-A life being fought to live for the One true thing that matters; that thing that binds the threads together that once were ripped and tattered!

-A daily submission to the Holy Spirit to strive to live a life well lived; as a thank you card to the One who grants me the power to selflessly give.

-A cup overflowing with the agape love of my ever present Lord; that seeks to pour itself out to all He has created and adored.

-A created being striving for the peace and wisdom only He can bring; yelling from the mountain tops, “Oh death where is your sting!”

For even though the day to day may change with the earthly tide. My love and devotion to the God of all is something I won’t hide.

So as I sit and ponder here In the quiet of my own home, I know full well the Lord is gathered with me as He sits upon His throne.

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